Membership in the Madison Area Master Gardeners Association (MAMGA) is approved for those who are taking or have completed the University of Wisconsin-Extension Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) training, or have completed Master Gardener Volunteer training in another state.  Most of our members have completed their training with the Dane County MGV program.

Members of MAMGA are not required to be currently certified* master gardener volunteers, but MAMGA recommends that its members retain certification. Questions?  Please email


Membership Benefits

MAMGA provides many benefits to its members on an annual basis.

  • Discounts at area nurseries and retailers (available through December 31 each year)
  • Free admission to MAMGA sponsored programs and events and educational programs
  • Garden tours
  • Service and community education opportunities
  • Fellowship and social events


Membership Form

MAMGA membership dues are $25 for one year.  MAMGA membership renewals are due by December 1 for the following calendar year.

MAMGA also accepts and forwards optional Wisconsin Master Gardener Association (WIMGA) membership dues, which are $5 per year.

  • If you are currently a MAMGA member, you may renew your membership ONLINE and pay with a credit card.
  • If you are currently a MAMGA member and prefer to mail in a check or were NOT a MAMGA member last year, print the form and pay by check.  If you have moved here from another Master Gardener program, we may need to check that all the Wisconsin training requirements are met.


Time sheet/Hours Reporting Form

The Dane County Extension time sheet report form is available here.  

In order to retain an electronic copy of each time sheet page, it is vital that you save your completed report using SAVE AS / Reader Extended PDF.  Otherwise your information will be lost.  If you can't save the file in that format, you will need to print a paper copy.  See the screen shot of the Save Options.  

Time sheets are due to by October 1 for the previous year.  Begin recording any volunteer or educational hours after October 1 for reporting in the upcoming year!

Volunteer Interest Form

Interested in getting more involved, meeting fellow master gardeners, learning new skills, or putting existing skills to good use? MAMGA runs on the energy and creativity of its volunteers. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, complete our Volunteer Interest Form and send it to us at:


P.O. Box 259318
Madison, WI 53525-9318

 MAMGA, WIMGA, and UW Extension are separate organizations that function together to benefit Master Gardeners in south-central Wisconsin.  Photo: UKGardenPhotos, Creative Commons.

MAMGA, WIMGA, and UW Extension are separate organizations that function together to benefit Master Gardeners in south-central Wisconsin. Photo: UKGardenPhotos, Creative Commons.

Understanding MAMGA & WIMGA

MAMGA, the Madison Area Master Gardeners Association, is a local non-profit organization of persons who have completed the basic Master Gardener training course, or are current students. MAMGA members may or may not also be currently certified Master Gardener Volunteers (see below).  MAMGA exists to provide education, service, and fellowship opportunities for its members. Membership costs $25 per calendar year. MAMGA members receive discounts at many local nurseries, participate in educational programs and garden tours throughout the year, have many opportunities to volunteer and hold social events.

WIMGA, the Wisconsin Master Gardeners Association, is a state-wide non-profit organization of persons who have completed the basic Master Gardener course, or are current students. Most MAMGA members also choose to join WIMGA, but doing so is not required. WIMGA membership costs $5 per year. WIMGA members receive a monthly newsletter.  WIMGA also hosts a statewide Master Gardener conference each year.

*Certified Master Gardener Volunteers have completed the basic Master Gardener training course and have satisfied annual volunteer service, continuing education requirements, and other requirements as determined by the Dane Co/UW Extension program.  Documentation is due to the Dane Co/UW Ext office by October 1 of each year to be considered for certification.  Certified MGVs get the monthly, electronic-only Volunteer Vibe and other informational communications from the state MG Program Office.  There is no cost to be certified as a Master Gardener Volunteer. Certified Master Gardener Volunteers assist gardeners through the local UW-Extension Office by serving as plant health advisors, answering hotline calls, tending the Teaching Garden, and performing various other activities that support the UW-Extension Horticulture Program in the community. Certified Master Gardener Volunteers also conduct gardening outreach and service at public spaces and qualified non-profit organizations.  Although most Certified Master Gardener Volunteers choose to join MAMGA and/or WIMGA, it is not a requirement to maintain annual certification. For more information about Master Gardener Volunteer certification, see our FAQs page.