In 2017, the MAMGA Board decided to select a project that would be the focus of volunteer efforts in the community.  The site that was selected is a prairie next to the Lussier Cultural Heritage Center that slopes to the east and the wetlands along the Yahara River.  Our on-site partner is Clare Carlson, Dane County naturalist coordinator.  We also worked with Lars Higdon, Dane County Botanist/Naturalist.

Much of the effort was to remove the wild parsnip,  honeysuckle, thistle and reed canary grass.  We also transplanted prairie plants from the existing prairie areas on the Lussier grounds.

Here is the list of plants ordered to fill the 350 sq ft pollinator garden according to this plan.

MAMGA has applied for a grant in 2018 that will be used to buy native plants that will be placed in the prairie.  Beginning in June, MAMGA volunteers will spend three hours every two weeks.  Areas #1, 2 and 3 on the map will be given priority for planting.