MAMGA Board & Committees

The MAMGA Board consists of eleven members elected at the annual meeting.  

The MAMGA Board has the following permanent committees:  executive, budget & finance, community services, membership, fundraising and marketing, program, communications, and the WIMGA representative.  Three ad-hoc committees have been set up as well:  marketing/fundraising, annual meeting planning, and a nominating committee to recruit Board members.  The Board selects its officers following the election of Board members by MAMGA members at the annual meeting in March. If you are interested in joining the MAMGA board or participating in a committee, please fill out our VOLUNTEER INTEREST FORM.


Current Board Members

Members of the Board and the term expiration years are:

  • Ed Meachen - President (2020)

  • Bonnie Mitchell - Vice President (2020)

  • Dennis Tande - Secretary (2020)

  • Art DeSmet- Treasurer (2021)

  • B’Ann Gabelt - WIMGA Rep(2021)

  • Judi Jankowski (2020)

  • Sally Kefer (2020)

  • Percy Mather (2021)

  • Victoria Robinson (2020)

  • Mary Collet (2021)

  • Luke Martz (2021)

  • Lisa Johnson - Ex-officio Advisor (Dane County UW-Extension)

  • Joe Muellenberg - Advisor Alternate (Dane County UW-Extension)

 Committees of the Board

Standing Committees are described here.

MAMGA Bylaws

The bylaws are MAMGA's operating procedures.  The bylaws can only be changed at an annual membership meeting by the membership.  

Board Meetings

Meetings are generally held at the Dane Co/Extension offices in one of the meeting rooms on the first Monday of January, March, May, July, September, and November.  However, the day and location are sometimes changed.  MAMGA has an Executive Committee composed of the President, Treasurer, Secretary, President-elect, and the WIMGA representative.  The Executive Committee generally meets on the first Monday of five of the remaining months:  February, April, June, October, and December.  No meetings are held in August.  Since the date, time and location of the meeting may be modified by Board or the Executive Committee, any MAMGA member who wishes to attend the meeting should verify the location, date and time of the meeting with a Board member.

MAMGA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit incorporated organization. Donations to MAMGA may be tax-deductible charitable contributions as allowed by law. MAMGA is also regulated under Chapter 181, Wis. Stats., Subchapters VIII through X.