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Garden Tours: Madison West Side

June 27  Joint WHPS/MAMGA home garden tour on the west side of Madison from 4pm until dark.  

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 – 4:00 pm – dark

These directions are just one option for the order of the gardens. We encourage people to use various orders to prevent overcrowding.

Note that both Highlands Ave (S and N) and Skyline Dr (W and E) are continuous loops. Whichever end you turn onto, you will eventually arrive at the gardens.

Tom and Cheryl Kuster – 5510 Stadium Dr, Madison

We moved to our Hill Farms home in 1990. The backyard had been professionally landscaped in 1968 when the home was built, including a small pond and waterfall. I created several new flower beds and mostly moved plants around. In 2004 we asked Steve Lesch to do a landscape plan for us and were amazed at the vast array of conifers, Japanese maples and other plants. After I completed several other landscape plans by Steve, the basic structure of our yard took shape. I have added miniature and dwarf conifers, 15 Japanese maples, and over 500 different perennials and woody plants.

Last year I added a new area in front including a dwarf Dawn Redwood 'Northern Lights', a Japanese Cedar 'Spiraliter Falcata', a Japanese Umbrella Pine 'Moonlight', a Full Moon Japanese maple 'Aureum' and a Daphne 'Carol Mackie'. I also started a new area of Solomon Seal with 15 different varieties. We have a small Japanese garden that has miniature hostas, Elm trees, and a Japanese 'Fairy Hair' Maple under a Seven-Sons-Flower tree (Heptacodium miconioides). We also have a small tufa rock garden next to our pond with various alpines, miniature woodies, some hen-and-chicks and a Japanese White Pine, Fukai.

In 2008, we redid our pond and waterfall and made it bigger with a swing at the end to enjoy watching the Koi and goldfish. We have a few water lilies, bog bean and several rushes around the edge. I designed a fen for water filtration which has water irises, marsh marigolds, Aquatic Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis scorpioides), and Horsetail Reed.

We enjoy watching the seasonal changes in our garden but I find myself still moving plants around.

Directions: Mineral Point Road, north on Rosa Road, right on Stadium Dr.

Or - Take the Old Middleton Rd exit off University Ave. Turn south onto Rosa Rd. Turn left onto Stadium Dr. The Kuster house is a ranch house with an orange door at the curve in the road.

Nancy and Howard Mead – 6010 S Highlands Ave, Madison

 In 1968 when we moved into this wonderful old farm house built at the time of the Civil War, there was practically no space for flowers.  There was however, a huge vegetable garden, orchard and many enormous elm trees.  In 1987 with the last child off to college - we felt a total redo was in order.  Square play spaces became curving flower beds.  A patio was built adjacent to the screen porch, steps and walls defined a rock garden and flower beds were extended to the front roadside.

 In 2001 the addition to the house on the westside meant we could have  a water feature.  Our son, who has a landscape business in Boulder, Co. came home to create a stream, waterfall and pond surrounded by rock gardens.  Here we have added more plantings with colorful and textured foliage. The patio seating is surrounded with pots of dramatic annuals as well as a hand thrown bubbling birdbath that birds can't resist!

 Much of our recent planting has been chosen to increase wildlife visits from humming birds to butterflies.

Directions: Return to Old Middleton Rd and turn left. Turn le