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Garden Tours: East Side Madison

July 20 Joint WHPS/MAMGA home garden tour on the east side of Madison from 4pm until dark.  

Directions to the July 20 Garden Tour - East Side of Madison

These directions are just one option for the order of the gardens. We encourage people to use various orders to prevent overcrowding.

Rosemary and Tom Kleinheinz – 104 W Lakeside Ave, Madison

In the summer of 1997 we retired from full-time employment, decided we really needed to "do something" with our yard, met Steve Lesch, and the rest is history!

Located on a deep city lot, our garden is an Ever-Changing Garden - always something new to see.  Recently we've been encouraged to add groves of trees so now there's a grove of columnar oaks to replace a diseased magnolia and a grove of red-leaf birch to replace a voracious silver maple.  Of course, there's always new daylilies for the sunny part of the yard and hostas and ferns for the shady side, along with lots of unusual perennials, shrubs and trees.  Here and there you will find garden art from our trips overseas.  Two years ago we added a new island bed near the street that features a miniature version of a rock garden along with some gorgeous boulders and other perennials.  No sooner was that accomplished than the city had to take down a struggling linden shading the front yard.  More changes needed!  All in all, there's bound to be something interesting to catch your eye.

Directions: Turn onto Buckeye Rd from Monona Dr. Turn right on W Lakeview Ave. The Kleinheinz garden is the second house on the right.

Ann and Bruce Munson – 5304 Midmoor Rd, Monona

The goal for my garden of 38 years is to create an oasis in suburbia. No lawn remains on the 3/4 acre lot (except for 2 tiny triangles). I wish to create a habitat attractive to birds, insects, toads, frogs and all animals except for rabbits and ground hogs, which were controlled last summer by our resident fox.  Very little organic material leaves the garden. Removed trees are chipped and become paths, trunks left to decompose, snags left for birds and insects to inhabit.  Fallen leaves become mulch, weeds become compost, birch twigs become wattle.

Fun is included in the plan.  For my 4 grandkids visiting weekly, there is a playhouse, teepee, hammock and climbing trees. The two ponds, stream connecting them and goldfish provide lots of kid entertainment. Especially popular are the hundreds of tadpoles that become toads in early summer. The toads then help to control slugs and other insects.

For me, the garden is my creative outlet, sanctuary and reason to collect wonderful plants!

Directions: Return to Monona Dr and turn left (south). Continue to Nichols Rd (Pflaum on the other side) and turn right. Turn left on Midmoor Rd. The Munson garden is the second house on the left.

Mary and Tom Riddle – 1809 Waunona Way, Madison

Tom and Mary built their home 40 years ago on a sunny lot, with young black walnut trees growing along the sides of the yard. They put rock walls across the back to help with a tight landscaping situation and in the intervening years have added a pond, then several tiers of waterfalls to the pond.  The mature black walnuts now provide ample shade, and they have taken advantage of that and their appreciation for hostas, by gradually adding beds and berms throughout.

 Tom and Mary sell at Farmer's Market for several  Saturdays in May, but will have hosta available for anyone who may be interested in purchasing a plant after the tour.

Directions: Return to Monona Dr and continue to W Broadway. Turn right (west) on W Broadway. Turn right on Hoboken Rd and right on Waunona Way. The Riddle garden is the 8th house on the right.

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