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WHPS/MAMGA West Madison/Fitchburg Garden Tour

WHPS  West Madison/Fitchburg Garden Tour –
 Wednesday, June 29, 2016  – 4:00 PM – dark

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Linda Brazill and Mark Golbach – 5805 Hammersley Rd, Madison
We moved to our half-acre lot 20 years ago as it was a perfect canvas on which to create a garden: a sloping site with trees and shrubs mostly at its edges. Our goal was to walk out our back door and be in a tranquil retreat that married the rocks, water, moss and contemplative qualities of Eastern gardens, with the pines and perennials of Wisconsin. To do that, we’ve planted some 200 trees and shrubs, and used over 200 tons of stone in walls, paths and boulder groupings. The garden has multiple water features, unusual trees and conifers, a birch glade, woodland peonies, a traffic island bed and a Japanese teahouse. As we’ve worked to create our retreat we’ve also created a gardening partnership that has been a mutual source of heated debates and delight. 

Directions:  Take Whitney Way south (past the beltline).  Turn right on Hammersley Rd.  Note the restricted parking signs on Hammersley Rd., including no parking directly in front of our house.

Cindy Fillingame – 6609 Jacobs Way, Madison
All gardens are shaped by the terrain, exposure to sun, and drainage concerns, and mine is no exception.  A desire to improve drainage led to my first raised bed in 2004.  I chose concrete retaining wall blocks as an inexpensive "do-it-myself" solution.  They proved to be very versatile allowing me to create fluid lines and to adjust the height and enrich the soil.  This initial success has led to other raised beds designed to solve other issues, namely gardening on a severe slope and defining the property line more clearly.  As my gardening knowledge has grown, I've tried to create diverse garden beds that have something to offer in each season of the year.  Visitors will see many newly planted trees and shrubs, such as ginkgo, oak leaf hydrangea, pagoda dogwood, beech and stewartia.  Older established trees and shrubs include river birch, Montgomery spruce, and a sprawling juniper pruned to follow the terrain.  Lilies, including Martagon, Asiatic, and Orienpets, join garden sculptures to provide vertical accents among a wide variety of perennials.
Directions:  From the Brazill/Golbach garden, continue west on Hammersley Rd.  Turn left on Frisch Rd, then right on Jacobs Way.

Rita Thomas – 5586 Cheryl Dr, Fitchburg

 Gardening is always a work in progress. On an average city-size lot I arrange my sun and shade plant collections as artfully as I can; considering textures, sizes, flower colors, life cycles, and seasons.  My favorite part of gardening though is collecting and trialing plants that are new for me.
 I set aside a double-fenced section of my yard to protect and house my current favorite aspects of gardening: grafting tree peonies, experimenting with other propagation methods, revitalizing declining plants, growing a few vegetables, and guarding my most expensive, new, coveted acquisitions.
 On a recent trip to Portland, OR with the WHPS, I was introduced to what I perceived as “extreme gardening”.
 I was so impressed with what I saw, I realized that there was so much more I could do to take my garden up a notch. Currently I’m redesigning sections of garden with my perception of “extreme” and plan to continue my garden redesign, based on the western outdoor living design, modified for our long, cold winters. I can no longer expand but I can improve. It’s a long term process.
 I shoehorn new plants into the gardens every year and last year added new "extreme 7’ lilies", more tree peonies, and clematis, some of which will be in bloom for the tour.
 Welcome and enjoy.

Directions:   From the Fillingame garden, return to Frisch Rd and turn right.  Turn left on Raymond Rd, then right on Verona Rd, left on McKee Rd (Hwy PD),  right on Fish Hatchery Rd, and right on Cheryl Dr. This is about a 15 minute drive.

Directions:  For starting at the Thomas garden:  Take Fish Hatchery Rd south to Cheryl  Dr and turn right.  Reverse the directions to the other two gardens.

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