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WHPS/MAMGA McFarland Garden Tour

WHPS  McFarland Garden Tour – Thursday, June 23, 2016 – 4:00 PM – dark

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Of course you may visit these gardens in any order and directions would depend on your starting point.  These directions are just possibilities.

JoAnn and Richard Hoffman – 5011 Valley Dr, McFarland
 Twenty-eight years ago my garden began as a small, sunny garden in a former corn field with heavy, clay soil and unremitting sunshine.  At the time, I never believed we would see a mature tree in our neighborhood.  The garden has now evolved into a part sun/part shade garden with paths and a meandering dry creek bed.  My record keeping of various cultivars is deplorable because focus has been on lay-out with a goal to creating a garden which, when gazed on from the porch or fire pit, is pleasing to look at, but is also fun to wander through on its various trails.
Directions:  Take Hwy 51 south toward McFarland.  Take the Siggelkow Rd exit to the right and turn left on Siggelkow Rd.  Turn right on Valley Dr.

Sue Okas – 5207 Marsh Rd,  McFarland
The realtor's flyer said, "If you are a flower lover, this house has everything you are looking for."

That was four years ago.  We had made the decision to sell our 1890s farm house in Mineral Point where we had lived and gardened on two acres for 40 years.  It had become more than we wanted to take care of.

This ranch house had everything we were leaving behind, but it was on a flat, well-designed city lot.  The former owner told me that he and his wife had planted about 85% of what designer, Steve Lesch, included in the plan made in 2002.  The pond, pergola, tool shed, flower beds, trees, asparagus and raspberries, terrace garden, and lots of garden art appealed to me. In fact, it was love at first sight. I like to say that I bought the yard while my husband bought the house!

It has been my mission to maintain the gardens as they were created rather than to start over.  I have added the container gardens as a way to add color to perennial beds and the sitting area under the pergola as a place to sit and smell the flowers. The McFarland School District prairie adds a wonderful background to our property.
Directions:   From the Hoffman garden, return to Siggelkow Rd and turn right (east).  Continue to Marsh Rd and turn right.

Bonnie and Stuart Allbaugh – 5622 Lake Edge Rd, McFarland
When we built our home in 1992, our lot was empty except for the cedars along the street  and the oak tree on the lakeshore.  Throughout the years, we have decreased the amount of grass and added flower and vegetable gardens.  As you enter, our shade garden with hostas and astilbe is on the right  and the heuchera collection on the left.   The vegetable garden along the driveway was new last year.  Our small pond welcomes water plants and fish and the teardrop garden off the pond has various  echinaceas, and a redbud tree.  There is a small herb garden near our front door.  On the lake side, we have a rose garden in front of the deck, and various sun loving perennials in the other gardens with cactus and succullents in the rocky garden at water’s edge.

Directions:  Take Hwy 51 south to McFarland (or return to Hwy 51 via Siggelkow Rd from the Hoffman and Okas gardens).  Turn right on Dale Rd and right on Lake Edge Rd.

Carlene Rohde - 6201 Indian Mound Dr, McFarland
Our home of 38 years is located at the top of Indian Mound Dr. which backs up to Indian Mound Conservation Park, a wooded hillside including seven Indian burial mounds and a village water tower site. I mention the water tower because it's overflow "spout" used to be on the only side of the tower aimed at homes.  After electrical storms hit the water tower
and overflowed into our backyard for a third time they finally moved the spout.  In a period of 6-7 years we dealt with unbelievable clean-up and chances to start over again.

As the trees matured maintaining grass in some areas became more of a challenge.  Where it wouldn't grow I made a new garden bed.  Where it washed away I added retaining walls.  I learned hostas, astilbes and Annabelle hydrangeas were not the only things I could grow, although they still are an important component of the landscape.  I have always felt my yard is a study of green, so I introduced different color with glass art, statuary and bird houses.  (You may even see a school of fish swimming through the Monarda.)

Adding the garden shed created more opportunities to display old garden tools and make new pathways.  Ever changing and growing, I have found a tranquil spot in this little piece of tilled and amended garden I call my own.
Directions:  Take Hwy 51 south to McFarland (or return to 51 and continue south from the Allbaugh garden).  Turn left on Burma Rd and right on Indian Mound Dr.